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The Eggleston/I'Anson Professionalism Award is named after former Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justices John W. Eggleston, of Norfolk, and Lawrence W. I'Anson, of Portsmouth. The award honors present and former members of the NPBA who have exemplified the highest standards of professionalism throughout their careers.

A. The award recipient should, over a substantial period of time, have demonstrated:

1. Respect for the law, the judicial system and the legal profession

2. Respect for clients, court personnel and other counsel.

3. Honesty, candor, fairness and competence before the Court and with counsel.

B. The award is intended to recognize and honor personal and professional qualities, reputation and conduct. Leadership activities and service within the bar or the community in general, while probative of professionalism, should not be considered essential in the screening and selection process.

C. Pro bono service should be considered in the screening process.

D. Award recipients should be role models for other attorneys, particularly younger attorneys.

Previous recipients of the NPBA Eggleston/I’Anson Professionalism Award are:

Ann B. Brogan

Greg E. Summy

Francis N. Crenshaw

Montgomery Knight, Jr

Robert L. O’Donnell

Jack E. Greer

Thomas F. McPhaul

Anita O. Poston

Robert C. Stackhouse

Michael F. Fasanaro, Jr.

Stanley G. Barr, Jr.

John M. Ryan

Howard W. Martin, Jr.

Conrad M. Shumadine

Guilford D. Ware

James A. Metcalfe

Philip N. Davey

Hal Juren

Robert C. Nusbaum

Nathaniel Beaman IV

Charles Tucker

John Y. Richardson

Alan B. Rashkind
S. Beryl Adler
Cyrus A. Dolph, IV